Untamed Wolf Pack Slot Game: Features and Details

Due to the consistent increase in popularity and prestige of the Untamed series, it is only comprehensible that yet another sequel should be added in order to give more excitement and thrill to the loyal players of the game. The answer to this statement is of course, the development of the Untamed Wolf Pack Slot - yet another great sequel belonging to the 'Untamed' series that will definitely prove to be as rewarding as its precedent games but with more amazing features that will further entice its players to once again indulge themselves in the greatness of the untamed series.

The same as the games precedent to it, the Untamed Wolf Pack shows the ferocious yet beautiful creature of the nature - the wolves. And of course, we all know that wolves travel in packs, thus the name of the slot. There are many online casinos out there that will definitely give you the liberty to play this game, but before anything else, I'll relay to you some of the important feature of this breathtaking game that will surely give you enough reason to play it whenever you want.

It isn't new that the games offer you the most realistic and appalling graphics in the industry of online slots accompanied with top-notch sound effects that will make you feel the aura of the mountains, the jungles and other places where you could see this creature, but the feature that entices its players is not the graphics and 'feel' of the game, rather it is the high payouts that does it. Microgaming serves unique features with the Untamed series and this includes Lucky Nudge, Collect-a-wild, 'Your Gamble' and Running Wilds. These features are exclusive to the Untamed Series, giving it the uniqueness it has.

The Lucky Nudge allows you the chance to push scatter symbols to your reels in order to have a higher chance of receiving free spins. There's also the Running wilds which you will definitely love, giving you the chance to create more winning combinations as more free spins you make. Also, the Collect-a-wild is definitely something to withhold, giving you the power to collect the wild symbols on the reels, and once you reach four of these, it will turn the whole slot into 'Wild' for the span of four spins, thus giving you a chance to win the highest payout within these four spins.

There're many more features of the Untamed Wolf Pack that is best felt while playing rather than in researching. So if you are enticed enough by the tip of the iceberg information about this amazing game, then it will be wise for you to play the game immediately.