Trading Card Games - Hard To Believe They Are Still Going Strong!

Incredibly as hard as it may seem to believe right to this very day, millions of bucks in prize money is being shelled out for the very best card combatants as they slug it out. Yes, that's correct, regardless of the advancements in gaming technology, Trading Card games is still alive and kicking!

Not surprisingly some of the older Trading Card games, such as Digi Môn and Pokémon have declined quite a bit in popularity, but that would be as a natural effect of some of the younger players checking out some of the newer games, kind of like shifting sand that moves, make sense?

Anyhow time to take a look at the top 3 TCGs around, whether they've changed or not is really immaterial. History is history, and of that there can be no denying!

Pokémon: Trading Card Games - Wizards of the Coast /Nintendo

Wizard of the Coast were the guys responsible for card form Poke-battles and were the original creators and publishers of this concept. What with Pokémon's huge popularity around the late nineties, they decided to create a card game themed along the lines of Magic: The Gathering.

Since the cards were targeted to the same Pokémon market they naturally looked amazingly similar to the current Magic sets of cards. The main differences there were to do with card names and rules, as they were in alignment to the Pokémon Blue and Red titles.

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Konami

Well it's really no surprise to hear that the Pokémon Trading Card games kinda shot themselves in the foot against Yu-Gi-Oh! For quite a long while as well, too! It was all to do with the Wizard of the Coasts insistence on players having to constantly update and redo decks every year to keep competing in tournaments. Yu-Gi-Oh! took a more simplistic approach with a card rotational system that was far a more user friendly system to Pokémon. A very nice move indeed!

Magic The Gathering - Wizards of the Coast

The very first of the trading card games. Developed by Richard Garfield to keep gaming convention attendants occupied whilst waiting in line. What a hoot, he made millions from a brilliant idea and perhaps gave birth to the mother of all gaming creations. That's really a piece of magic, and a true number one, can't be any disputing that, can there?