Knowing the Features of Mugshot Madness Slot Game

A compelling and unique plotline that would seem like an idea for un upcoming movie - this is what the Mugshot Madness an online slot game in 3D, will initially offer its users. This involves a detective named Jack Murphy, belonging to the 13th Police Station, who will be dedicating himself to deliver all those devious crooks to the place where they should be punish for their crimes - behind the cold bars of jails. These ill-mannered and impertinent crooks are either fools or extremely cheeky as they roam the streets relentlessly despite their posters teeming within every corners of the town. The question is - Will Murphy be able to handle this large task?

Along with this seamlessly epic plot, it is already expected that you will be given top-notch graphics and sound effects that will certainly serve you with the thrill and excitement, enough to pull you to the innermost part of the game. This amazing online slot game serves you with 20 paylines and 5 reels, allowing up to five to fifty cents to fit in the game, which amounts to a maximum of $10 per spin.

This game will also not fail you regarding various special and unique symbols involve, vast gaming options and of course, bonuses that will leave you coming back for more. Despite these huge opportunities, there're no risk double games which may be good news for those which doesn't like them or bad news for high rollers who take gambling and taking risks like skydiving.

The symbols in this game are vast and definitely unique. Different animals represent the criminals involved in the plotline. These animals include: Rhino, octopus, monkey, crocodile and many more. There's also the scatter symbol marked by the star of the sheriff while the Wild symbol is represented by Jack Murphy - the detective, and the dog. Different combinations of the symbols results to unique outcomes/benefits that will certainly prove to be rewarding.

For the record, the Mugshot Madness doesn't involve progressive jackpots, thus high rollers out there may not be that fund of it. There are also no other unique bonus games that may increase the thrill of the ride. All other basic functions of various slot games can also be found on this one, so it is a certainty that you'll still be able to enjoy playing it.

Although it may contain only multipliers and free spins - lacking any other bonus features that you may indulge into, the overall impact of Mugshot Madness along with the 3D graphics and other features will surely be more than enough to keep you occupied and delighted for as long as you'd like without getting bored.