Do People Still Play Board Games Today, Are They All In The Past?

With such a vast variety of games available on mobile phones and direct to individuals home computers, one might stop and wonder for a second, what exactly has become of board games. Are they still being played around the country even around the world, what on earth has become of them? They almost seem like some dwindling specie like rare birds or animals, that are here one minute and then the next there's only a few of them in existence. Are they still around, or are they now extinct?

It wasn't that long ago that board games were virtually all one could play other than dominoes or cards. Even then one had to have family or friends to make up the numbers.

That could seem rather boring to most, none the less however the human race has a habit of getting on with what they have, or should one perhaps say playing the cards that they are dealt. \That's not exactly the best turn of phrase to use, but surely the inference is clearly understood?

It's probably fair to say, very rarely do things completely die, except when there is a complete upgrading or some kind of technology is introduced that makes an older thing completely redundant.

A good example of this would be to do with music. Where initially records were pressed on vinyl and sold to the buying public. Better sound quality was then delivered via CD's and MP3's. Onwards & upwards as everyone enters a whole new world.

Classic board games are timeless, yes completely timeless. How so, one may ask? Quite simply as they cannot be completely replaced by technology.

Certainly new dimensions can be added to make the game more exciting. More bells and whistles along with some twists to the rules, but they are all a derivative of the original game.

Just like with variants of Poker. Nobody has stopped playing that and cancelling their weekly Poker games just to play exclusively online, have they!

Board games such as Chess, Monopoly, Checkers, Cluedo, Chutes and Ladders, Backgammon, Scrabble, these kind of games and more will never ever die. They are still hugely popular as gifts for Christmas where the whole family get together and play and many a new good board also ends up online. That's a good enough reason to keep producing them in itself, agreed?