Microgaming's Untamed Bengal Tiger Slot Game

Powered by the renowned Microgaming Software is another slot game that will definitely revitalize and stimulate your player instincts - the Untamed Bengal Tiger slot.

This particular game, as the name suggests, features the majestic, elegant and awe-inspiring Bengal Tiger - a familiar resident of the inner-most territories of the jungle with the threat of being one of the many endangered species around the globe as we speak. Being untamed, it packs ferociousness and tenacity, enough to put excitement and thrill rolling and flowing within your veins. With the breathtaking representation of Microgaming to this wonderful idea, you'll be served with the most stunning and appalling graphics accompanied with top-notch sound effects that will take you to the innermost territories of the jungle, all while serving you with epic settings - making everything a realistic experience no other slots can serve you with.

The Untamed Bengal Tiger runs with a five reel gameplay along with an astounding 243 ways in order for you to win because of its unique payline settings that will definitely keep your excitement rolling after being taken away by its overall appearance and aura. Although the whole game doesn't involve a progressive jackpot - something which high rollers may prefer, the game is still enough to pack a punch of rewarding bonuses that will certainly make you want to play. You'll be able to witness the Bengal Tiger as scatter and wild symbols along with three extraordinary and outstanding extra features - Lucky nudge, Collect-a-wild, and most definitely one of the most exciting and appalling feature, 'Your Gamble' choice.

As any other games like this, wild symbols as we all know can be treated as a substitute symbols if ever you are in the situation where you'll be able to snatch up a victory combination. In this game, you're wild symbol will be accumulated and once it reaches the point where it already manage to collect four wilds, it will stay like that for 5 of your spins, be flushed out, and started all over again. There are also other bonuses like free spins and multipliers you can get upon specific combinations you attain. The extra features are also something to behold and may require further research if you ever want to have a heads-up regarding each of them. If researching is not your thing, it is always recommendable to start the game immediately and try the Untamed Bengal Tiger yourself. It's definitely something that screams the superiority of the Microgaming Software.