Untamed Series Sequel: Untamed Giant Panda

It is without a doubt that the "Untamed" series' first ever online slot game - the Untamed Bengal Tiger, has reached the good side of many players, thus making it more of a success than what its creators initially imagined. It is also because of this very same occurrence that another untamed game was developed and released in order to satisfy and quench the needs of its players, seeking the realistic and outstanding features of the series. This sequel to the untamed Bengal tiger is the Untamed Giant Panda.

Living up to the first developed game of the series, this sequel shows yet another majestic and astounding creature of nature - the Panda. Slots often depict mind-blowing concepts, originating within the sci-fi genre and even other movie-related genre, thus this series depicted from nature really does pack a punch on uniqueness and of course its delivery. The simplicity of the idea is taken up a notch as the game itself transports and delivers you to the innermost territories of the jungle, and in this case, the Jungle of China where you'll be able to witness the stand of this amazing and breathtaking creature.

The graphics and the sound effects of the Untamed Giant Panda is simply breathtaking and stunning as it gives a whole new level of meaning to 'realistic', serving you with complete mountain views and of course the images of the Panda itself. But of course, the graphics and sound effects - pertaining to the overall 'feel' of the game, is not the only thing for the players to indulge with, the game features, bonuses and many more are also something to withhold and expect great things from.

The Microgaming software crosses out its relatively common feature, giving way to another unique feature which shows a radar-like gauge that will allow you to change and adjust your betting odds for yourself. This flexibility of gambling odds will definitely keep your gaming experience to its optimum, giving you the choice to maximizing or minimizing your bets.

Let's not forget the Lucky Nudge feature of the 'Untamed' series which involves the scatter symbols of the slot. If ever you see the scatter symbol slightly showing its presence on the game, it will be automatically sent to your reels, thus giving you more chance to have those free spins which will give you another level of opportunity - chance of winning 1,800,000 coins. There are also other features like Brilliant Wild and Collect-a-Wild feature which will definitely give you more chances of winning and more capacity of enjoyment.

The Untamed Giant Panda gives another level of excitement to the committed players of the 'Untamed' series, giving vast opportunities to win high amount of coins which makes it a rewarding online slot which will definitely change the way you view playing.